Road Transportation Trends:

Profit from reliable information on current trends and develop your logistics strategy in line with the market.

Comprehensive Reports

Whether you’re looking for price indices or capacity comparisons, TMM provides dynamic insights into the transportation market with the most comprehensive reports available

Monthly Updates

TMM reports are updated each month and calculated with precise information based on more than 150,000 of actual monthly freight transport orders via the spot market.

Advanced Usability

TMM offers users visual understanding of transportation and logistics trends through multiple easy-to-understand, interactive charts and graphs

Our Transportation Insight Reports

Price Index

View the price index, based on average transport prices per kilometer within the given timeframe of transport orders, which have been assigned on the Transporeon platform via the Spot Market.

Capacity Index

View the capacity index, based on average number of offers per transport in the given timeframe of transport orders, which have been assigned on the Transporeon platform via the Spot Market.

Price Index Comparison

View the price comparison, or the difference of the price index values within a time period.

Capacity Index Comparison

View the capacity comparison, or the difference of the capacity index values within a time period.

Price & Diesel Index

You can view an analysis of the price index and the diesel index and a comparison between the values within a time period.

Diesel Index Comparison

The Diesel Price Index is based on average Diesel prices in Germany (Source: Aral - Kraftstoffpreis Datenbank). Similar to the other indices within the TMM, the average figures of the 6-months period have been set as base for Diesel Price Index (Index = 100).

TMM Facts & Figures

The TMM provides reliable, transparent, and up-to-date data on price and capacity indices to our subscribers around the world.

Analyze personalized charts and graphs for up to:


Country-country combinations*



Transports analyzed per month*

*depending on subscription model


Industries covered*


TMM’s Client Testimonials

“Together with our own observations on the transport market, the Transport Market Monitor is a deciding factor when it comes to the definition of our short- and midterm purchasing actions.”

C. Müller, Vice President 
Coordinator Eastern Europe & Purchasing 
Road Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel

“We use the Transport Market Monitor regularly and are therefore able to follow the market development for price and capacity in Europe closely. TMM is a good logistics procurement tool in order to identify trends for the road transport and to anticipate decisions and activities.”

Paolo Indiano
Category Manager Road Packed Europe, Logistics Procurement
Evonik Industries AG

“The Transport Market Monitor enables us to regularly compare our own transport price trends with valid market data. Decisions are no longer made according to gut feeling, but based on facts.”

Dörte Maltzahn
Head of Freight Management
Knauf Gips KG

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