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How can I contact TMM?

You can always reach us under info@transportmarketmonitor.com. Simply email us your feedback or your question.

Where does TMM get its logistics data?

TMM’s transport database stems directly from Europe's leading logistics platform, Transporeon. The Transporeon platform links over 1,200 shippers and more than 90,000 carriers in over 100 countries. TMM’s logistics data is extracted from daily spot market transactions conducted on Transporeon’s platform. The information is anonymized, augmented with the kilometers traveled, converted statistically, aggregated and visually presented so that our subscribers can derive fact-based logistics insight.

What types of reports and data does TMM offer?

The TMM’s transport database shows you current monthly indicators in the freight transport market and how they have developed over the preceding twelve months: the price index, capacity index and price differential. 

Depending on your subscription model, the transport and logistics data is shown for 80 country-country destinations (as of July 2019).

Also depending on your subscription model, the transport and logistics data is shown for 10 industries (as of July 2019).

In addition, the TMM shows the price and capacity trends in the previous twelve-months period for the purpose of comparison. The TMM provides a price index. The base value of 100 for the indices is the average of the first six months of 2018 for the relevant index.

Is TMM’s logistics and transport data neutral?

Yes, the TMM is completely neutral. It contains no opinions, assessments or evaluations – just facts, presented clearly and concisely. It is an indispensable, neutral tool for objective decision-making.

How often is the TMM updated?

On the six working day of each month, the TMM provides you with the previous month's price and capacity figures in the freight transport market. For example, for the month of June 2019, you would receive the figures for the period of May 1-31st, inclusive, on June 11. You will see data updates in the second week for each new month. 

Who else has access to the data in these reports (beside subscribers)?

In addition to the subscribers, only the TMM core team has access to TMM’s data.

Will my account be deleted if I cancel the TMM?

With your cancelation your account will be deleted.

How does the Free Trial Month work?

You can test the TMM Premium or Premium Plus package for 1 month for free. You can test the subscription without risk, as you can cancel anytime within your trial period. To start the trial period, we require your payment details. With providing your payment details you agree that we charge you for the subscription on the first day following the end of the Free Trial Month. Otherwise you have to cancel the applicable paid subscription before the end of the Free Trial Month by clicking "cancel Free Trial Month" in your user account. You can use the Free Trial Month once. If you upgrade from Premium to Premium Plus within the trial month period, your trial period will end and your Premium Plus subscription starts.

I’m having trouble logging in or viewing my dashboards. What do I do?

If you are having trouble, please follow these steps: 

  1. Which browser are you using? The TMM is optimized for Google Chrome newest version. Please make sure to us a compatible browsers and updated versions
  2. Delete cookies and re-load the page
  3. Log-out and Log-in again
  4. Still having trouble? Please contact us under info@transportmarketmonitor.com

Can I have a test report to see if the logistics and transport data interests me?

We currently do not offer sample reports or test accounts. If you are not sure which package is the right one, we recommend to register for Freemium first. Registration only takes a few minutes, Freemium is without any obligations and you can cancel anytime. If you would still like to get a more in-depth insight into the premium features of the new TMM, please write us an email to info@transportmarketmonitor.com.


Can I share this data with non-subscribers?

Data cannot be legally shared with non-subscribers. Also, the Freemium package only allows for 1 user. Only Premium and Premium Plus allow for more than 1 user to view the charts. 

How can I access reports of specific topics?

Depending on your subscription model, you can access the reports with different level of detail. You can view all subscription models, level of details and features of the reports here.

How often do I get an updated report?

The reports are updated each month. You can view all updated reports always on the 6th business day of the new month. We will send a notification email automatically to all subscribers when the reports are updated.

Can I share my login information with colleagues?

Sharing login information with colleagues is not allowed. Depending on your subscription model, we allow a certain number of users to access the TMM. Additional users can always be added at any point of time. Please refer to the subscription plans for the pricing for additional users.

Can I download these transport and logistics reports?

At the moment we do not allow to download reports. 

How can I upgrade my subscription?

You can always upgrade your subscription at any point of time with just a few clicks. Simply login and go to “My Account”. Please note that upgrading your subscription will extend your model automatically by another 12 months. Already paid fees will be automatically deducted for the new package. We don’t allow downgrading your model during the subscription period. You can always downgrade your model under “My Account”. The activation will take place after your original model runs out. 

Can I access past reports?

Reports can always be viewed retrospective for up to 24 month. At the moment, reports cannot be saved but past reports can always be accessed for the last 24 months.  

What is the data source for the indices?

The data source for the transport and capacity indices is the spot data (best carrier data) from the Transporeon platform. Dieselprices are retrieved from Global Petrol Prices.

What are the data requirements to build an index?

For each detail level (i.e. land-land combination and industry) we require a minimum* number of shippers and transports to ensure the quality and confidentiality of the data. Hereby, the year 2018 serves as a basis for all indices. This means that for all indices, only the country or industry or country/country/industry combinations that meet all data requirements for 2018 are considered valid combinations for showing an index.

* Minimum number of shippers and transports have to meet the high requirements and standards of Tim Consults methodology, to ensure quality of results and compliance. 

How are the Indices calculated?

The index of price and capacity is a weighted average per shipper by transports for each level of detail (i.e. land-land combination and industry). The Dieselprice index is the unweighted average of diesel prices by country of origin per month.

Does the TMM show charts for every single country-country-industry combination?

The TMM offers country-country price & capacity indices in combination with individual industries, however not for each and every single combination. Reason: We require a minimum number of transports and shippers to ensure meaningful and high-quality data. If not enough data exists for certain combinations, no index is shown. Only charts that meet the high requirements and standards of Tim Consults methodology are displayed in the TMM. 

How can I pay for the TMM product? How often do I have to pay?

You can pay for your subscription by credit card only (Visa and Mastercard). Your credit card will be charged with the annual fee for your subscription model on a one-time payment plan.

How long are subscription models for?

Our subscription models include 12 months access to the reports, starting from the day of your subscription. You can cancel your subscription model at any time under “Your Subscription”. The cancelation will take effect after your subscription period. Subscriptions are automatically renewed if not canceled 1-months prior to the end-date of your subscription model.

How can I redeem a coupon?

You can redeem a coupon during the registration process. If already registered, you can redeem coupons in the “My Account” section under “Redeem Voucher”.

How often must payments be made?

Payments are made once per subscription/year. Your credit card will be charged with the annual fee for your subscription model in one full payment. 

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription with just a few clicks under “My Subscription”. Please note that cancelation of your subscription will take effect once your subscription model runs out. Additional there is no cancelation possible for freemium.

Can payments be cancelled? What are the terms and conditions for this?

Please refer to our terms and conditions here.